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Digital Leaders
As Digital Leaders we have a responsibility to teach the whole school how to stay safe online. We do this through assemblies, organising poster competitions and meeting visitors to help to deliver the online safety message. We have included some information about why we enjoy being Digital Leaders, what we do and some of our online safety top tips.

"I love being a Digital Leader because it is really fun. You have a good time and you should join. It’s an amazing opportunity to have different experiences and talk to different people. I have loved doing assemblies to the rest of the school."

"Being a Digital Leader is fun because you get to teach online safety. I have improved my online safety by not clicking on stuff I don’t know about so I don’t click on links."

"Being a Digital Leader is really fun because you know that you are helping people and you are really proud of yourself. Oh and the best part is that I like doing assemblies and teaching the other children in the school."

"I enjoy being a Digital Leader because it is really fun talking to the little children about online safety. My top online safety tip is to make sure that you don’t talk to people you don’t know and don’t give people your personal details."

"So far being a Digital Leader has been a great responsibility. Doing assemblies to the school and telling children about staying safe is my job. Online safety is the main thing that we worry about." 

"I like being a Digital Leader because it is fun and I like doing things with my friends. I also like doing cool things like having meetings and helping with assemblies."

POPS 'EggsFactor'

POPS set us a challenge of making as much money as possible by creating an Easter craft.  We made almost 300 Easter biscuits, rolling, cutting out and icing them.  We then sold them to our parents.  They sold out very quickly!

Sports Relief 2018

We supported Sports Relief this week with all the children coming to school in their sports kit. They took part in some fun sporting activities and a total of £165.25 was raised for this fantastic cause.

World Book Week 2018

All the children were invited to come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book to celebrate World Book Day. The day included shared reading across year groups, a book swap event and an extreme reading challenge.

Extreme Reading Challenge 2018

Year 4 Swimming Gala at Canford School

Year 4 recently had a very successful gala at Canford School and came 2nd overall with one point between us and the winners. Charlie also qualified for the Dorset final in his individual race. The children trained incredibly hard and were fantastic sports at the event - we definitely had the loudest cheer squad!

Thank you to all the parents for all their help and support with the training.


A Visit from a Professor!

We were really lucky to have a visit from Professor Katos who is the Head of Computing and Informatics at Bournemouth University. He came to tell us all about what happens at the University and how to stay safe online. He told us that the students at the University helped to make the film ‘Inside Out’. He reminded us to make sure that we don’t give out our personal information online, not to talk to strangers online and how to make sure we don’t believe made up information on the internet.

Haskins Donation

Thank you to Haskins Garden centre for donating four bird boxes to the school. It will certainly help us to continue to develop our outdoor learning environment and help promote wildlife in our grounds.
This all links with our new 'Teletubbie' mounds and our new outdoor staging area which was all donated by MIDAS construction. 


Ferndown Pyramid Football Tournament 2018

at Ferndown Middle School

                                       Girls 2nd Place                                                              Boys 2nd Place

       Great sportsmanship, teamwork and enthusiasm.    Great effort and teamwork against tough competition.


Wave 105 Mission for Christmas Appeal

Children and parents of the Reception classes joined together to support the Wave 105 Mission for Christmas appeal. Hopefully there will be some very happy children on Christmas morning.


Ashley's Birthday Bank

Parley First School Headteacher Mr Bagwell and pixie Miss Roche accepting  Christmas gifts.

For more information visit : www.ashleysbirthdaybank.com/ 


Dorset Tumbling Competition - Nov 2017

Healthy Start at Parley First School

124 children from Parley First School braved the rain earlier in October and came to school on either their bicycle or scooter.  In return, they were rewarded with a healthy boost to start their day by enjoying a piece of fruit, juice and a snack.  A huge thank you to the local Tesco stores at Glenmoor Road, Parley Cross and Penny’s Walk who so very generously donated all the breakfast delights.  The aim of the ‘Bike Breakfast’ was to encourage children to scoot/cycle to school rather than coming by car and was organised by the school Bike Champion, Mrs Bingham and Rachel from Sustrans, with the help of other Year 4 teaching assistants.  We look forward to other similar events throughout the school year. 

Year 3/4 East Dorset Schools Fun Run

Myla and Hollie represented Parley First School at the recent East Dorset Schools fun run at St. Michaels School. They finished a magnificent 9th and 13th. Well Done!