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Latest update on Roblox (10+) - Comments provided by Commonsense Media 
Please can we urge you to visit the following pages if your child has accessed this website/plays this game. look in community pages including how to report rule violations and block a user
Please visit Common Sense Media website for more information about any game/app.

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Please watch the Age Appropriate Safety Videos

These resources are provided by CEOP.


Age 4-5 years

KS1 (Years 1/2)

Lee and Kims Adventures 

Age 5-7 years

KS2 (Years 3/4)

Age 8-10 years

Play Like Share is a three-episode animated series pack, which aims to help children aged eight to ten learn how to stay safe.

Social Media Help

Find out more about the safety features available on these popular social network sites.


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Parental Controls

What do you need help with? Here are some Top Tips from the Internet Safety Centre on how to set parental controls. 





Playstation 4/Vita

Ipod Touch

Kindle Fire


Playstation 3/PSP

BT Broadband  

Sky Broadband  

TalkTalk Broadband


Virgin Media Broadband



Safety Land is famous for being a safe place where kids can have fun on the Internet. But lately, a nasty character has been lurking around. He is sending kids yucky e-mails that they don't want to see, and sending Instant Messages asking for information that is none of his business! 

Help Captain Broadband find the nasty character, guide Captain Broadband through each of Safety Land's eight buildings to help send the nasty character to jail! 

CBBC Stay Safe

Test your internet safety knowledge with Hacker, listen to some Stay Safe songs with Helen Skelton, News Kids On the Block and Bobby Lockwood and get some tips from the Horrible Histories gang.