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Welcome to our Year 3 Page!

CLASS OF 2015-16

Year 3 Survival Day

This week we have taken part in our own survival day. We imagined we lived in the Stone Age and made bread which we cooked over a BBQ. Then we worked underneath the tables to make a cave which we decorated with pictures of hunting and animals. After lunch we had fun in the woods making dens and taking part in our own archaeological dig. We found flint and pieces of old pottery which we think were from the Stone Age.

Year 3 Violin Concert

We have been learning the violin for the last ten weeks and at the end of these lessons we performed a concert to our parents. We hope that you enjoy listening to the songs that we have learnt.

Our trip to the Stone Age

On Monday of this week we went to the New Barn Field Centre in Dorchester. When we arrived, we were met by a Stone Age man who took us into his home. We sat around a roaring fire and tried not to cough too much! After that we completed a range of different activities including painting, clay pot making, hunting and wheat grinding. Once we had had our lunch we used chalk to make pictures and went into an even smoker hut! We had a great time. Enjoy having a look at the photographs of what we got up to.


We worked hard to build our own rockets trying to make sure they are aerodynamic. As part of our design technology learning, we thought carefully about how to join materials to make sure the rocket would stay together. Then we went outside and flew the chosen two from each class.

Click here  to see the videos of our rocket launch! 


Rocket Building

Here we are building our rockets.

Alien Invasion

Year Three arrived at school one morning to find that their classrooms had been invaded by aliens! Look at the photographs to see the results.

Can you see any evidence of alien beings?


Making Right Angles

How many right angles can you make out of 8 strips of paper? 3B have been finding out! They had 5 minutes to find as many right angles as they could. After a lot of testing and trying in different positions, a massive 36 was the winner! Can you beat that?

Alien Landing

We have been reading a story called ‘Alien Landing’ and today we did some drama to help us to become familiar with the plot. We took photographs and videoed each scene for you to have a look at! This is going to help us to write our own story.

Year 3 Violin Lessons

Today we had our first violin lesson and learnt to pluck the strings. We are going to be learning to use the bow next week and will go home with our violins next Tuesday. Enjoy watching the video clips of our lessons.

Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Lesson 1

SPACE WEEK - Creating Rocket Fuel

During one of our lessons this week we were told that we needed to help with RAFDAP (Rocket Alternative Fuel Development Assignment Programme). As part of our task we needed to create our own rocket fuel for the SRBs – (Solid Rocket Boosters) in one of the NASA space shuttles. The capacity of the SRB was 1 litre so we worked in small groups to create our mixture for our rocket fuel and then made them measuring in millilitres and in litres. Have a look at the photographs to see how we got on!

Class 3B

Class 3D

SPACE WEEK - Measuring for a Space Suit

We received a message from Mission Control to ask us to measure each other accurately for a space suit. We had a diagram with different parts of our bodies that we needed to measure and used a tape measure to find the length in metres, centimetres and millilitres.

SPACE WEEK :  April 18th - 22nd

As part of our space topic, this week we are having our very own space week. Here are some photographs of us all dressed up in our outfits! Today we have been designing our own rockets, researching space travel and life as an astronaut and even eating space food!

 Class 3D 

 Class 3B 

Outdoor Curriculum - April 2016

As part of our outdoor curriculum lessons and linked into our space topic, we tried making balancing sculptures from items we found outside on the field. We talked about the impact of gravity and began thinking about how gravity is different in space. Please look at the photos of the sculptures we made in our groups.

Year Three Football Tournament at Ferndown First School

Some of the year three children went to play a football match at Ferndown First School. The teams played really well and there was a lot of team spirit and cheering on from parents!


9th March - 3D Trip to Tesco (Farm to Fork)

On Wednesday we went on a visit to Tesco. We were really excited to find out all about sustainable food and learnt all about Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Sustainable Fishing. Then we used some over ripe bananas, yoghurt and chocolate powder to make a snack.

4th March - World Book Day

The children have been learning all about authors, characters and sharing their favourite books. They finished off the week by coming to school dressed as their favourite book character.


March 2016

This half term we are reading and writing warning stories.

We learnt a story together called ‘The Caravan’.

Have a look at us learning and telling it together!

All about Chocolate!

Our new topic is all about chocolate! Today, as part of our hook into our theme, we ate some different types of chocolate and used our senses to describe what they looked, smelt and tasted like. We even had to try to work out what the mystery ingredients were that had been added to the chocolate. Surprisingly, it was orange and sea salt!

In our English lessons we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and writing our own stories. We are also going to be fact finding about chocolate, researching the different ingredients to make chocolate and where they come from. As part of our trip, we will also be learning about Fair Trade.

Learning to Code with Scratch - 3rd Feb 2016

We had a visit from Mr Keegan from the Middle School who helped us to start to learn about Scratch.

We were able to use our skills as coders to debug and create algorithms to make our different sprites perform different movements. Click on the link below and you can have a go at home!

Bird Boat Trip - Jan 2016

After we had our boat trip, we decided to create our own persuasive video to explain to other people all of the different reasons they should go and try it too! We thought really carefully about what we had already learnt about persuasive writing earlier in the term and tried to include all of these features.

Click Here...  ....Click Here    

Boat Trip Recount

We wrote a recount, in the form of a diary entry, all about our trip. Here are some examples of what we have written.


Dear Diary,
When I woke up, I was definitely the most excited girl in the class. After I gobbled my breakfast I hurried to school. When I did my early bird I found out I was with Mrs King. My heart was pounding like a drum because I did not know who I was with. When Mrs Dunn called out the group I was excited and happy. Next I went on the coach and I buddied up with Gemma. I couldn’t believe how big the driver’s window was! Just when I got off the coach I was at Poole Quay. I was astonished with the boat and I got some binoculars. After that we did some bird spotting. Amazingly, my hands were sweating because I saw a seal and a rare bird that is so rare they have only seen it five times. Unluckily I can’t remember what it is called!


Dear Diary,
First I got onto the coach and was partners with Sophie. When we got there we tip toed onto the Brownsea Island boat in Poole Quay. As soon as we sat on I got so nervous I was nearly sea sick but as soon as I saw Paul I felt as jolly as the Jolly Postman! The first bird I saw was a heron which was really tall for a bird. It’s legs were as long as a cue! It was huge so I backed off. Next I saw a ripple in the water and I got scared. Suddenly … a friendly looking head popped up and it was a seal. I felt relaxed because I thought it was a big fish but no it was a seal!

Turtle Power!

We have been learning all about turtles in our current topic called ‘Turtle Power’. We received a video message from a scientist at the Natural History Museum asking us to create our own turtle species so we learnt a report all about the Double Humped Turtle to help us. Please watch the video of us telling it as a year group together. We are looking forward to writing non-chronological reports about our own species of turtle next week and finding out who will receive the prize for the best report!

Maths - Grid method to multiply

In Year 3 we have been learning all multiplication and using the numicon to help us. This week we have been using the grid method to help us to multiply two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. There is a grid game you can play at home if you would like to learn more!

Jan 2016 - Gregory Cool

We have just started our new topic which is all about the Caribbean and learning about turtles. In our English lessons we have been reading the book ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch. During today’s lesson we acted out parts of the story thinking carefully about how the different characters were feeling. We tried to show these feelings to the audience through our actions and what we said.

Christmas Performance 2015

Click HERE to view some highlights from our performance.

Friendly Football Match with Ferndown First School

'Terrible Tremors'

As our hook for our new theme on volcanoes called ‘Terrible Tremors’ we watched a real life volcanic eruption (well Mr Brown with some bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!). We are really looking forward to making our own volcanoes in school and learning all about them as part of our science work.

In our English lessons we have been writing persuasive texts to invite our parents to come and visit our art gallery.

     Click Here...  ....Click Here    


We had a visit from Mr Keegan from Ferndown Middle School to teach us how to use coding to create algorithms to move our Lightbot around the track and turn the light on. We had to debug our code to make sure he went in the right direction and then had a go at decomposing more complicated problems into little steps!

If you would like to have a try at home the website that we used is below and you can use it at home for free!

Learning Instructions

We have been writing instructions to help George to create a new medicine to give to his Granny. Then we used what we had learnt about writing instructions to write our own to turn our siblings into a slug. After that we explained to year two how we made our string print blocks by reading them the instructions that we had written.

Smarties Statistics!

In our maths lessons we have been learning about data and how it can be represented. To try this out, on Monday we counted all of the different colours in a packet of smarties and represented this as a pictogram.

Measures and Mixing Potions

In our maths lessons we have been measuring capacity in litres and millilitres and mixing potions to give to George’s nasty, evil Granny. Then we drank them!

Sept 2015 - All About Poetry

We learnt a poem as a year group called ‘Fantastic Facts’. It is really funny and had some very silly actions!

Sept 2015 - Team Building Task

We worked hard at developing our team work skills to see who could build the tallest tower from paper, yoghurt pots and sellotape. At first we found it difficult to share ideas but after a while we talked as a group and discussed how to use a suggestion from everyone.

Welcome to Year 3!

We are excited about our time in year three and have planned lots of really interesting topics which will take approximately half a term. Our topics are :

     Autumn term - ‘Pop Or Op' focusing on pop art and developing our artistic skills and 'Terrible Tremors' when we will be learning all about rocks and focusing on volcanoes.

     Spring term - ‘Turtle Power' when we will be researching the Caribbean and conservation efforts for turtles and 'Scrumdidilumptious' when we will be exploring chocolate, food tasting, making our own Easter treats and packaging them.

     Summer term - ‘We're Spinning Around' is all about space and 'The Age of Man' when we will be learning all about the Stone Age.

These will be linked with other subjects in the National Curriculum to make the learning as cross-curricular as possible.  A timetable for each week (although it may change slightly on a weekly basis) and curriculum map, showing the objectives we will be covering, are also available on the website.

We have already had a visiting artist to work with the children during our first theme but we are also travelling to space in a mobile planetarium.

We would like to invite you to attend a gallery of all of our art work on Friday 23rd October at 2:30pm. We will send out more information closer to the time.

To support our learning about the Stone Age we will be visiting New Barn Field Centre in Dorchester on Monday 13th June to take part in lots of different activities including cooking and learning about daily life during this period of time.

We are continuing to develop your child's independence and ask for you to continue to help us by  encouraging them to carry their own belongings across the playground, ensure they have everything they need at the end of the day and say goodbye at the fence.

Spellings will be part of our daily SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) sessions. Please encourage your children to continue reading and practising their times tables as this will greatly support their learning in school.

Your child will also receive weekly homework which will be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. The tasks set will vary from reading, writing and maths to more topic based tasks. We will ensure that there is a mixture of all subjects sent home.

We value our partnership with you as parents and carers.  Should you have any queries or worries please feel free to speak with us at the end of the school day. We are really looking forward to having a fantastic year!

Mrs Dunn            Mr Brown

Website Links

As always we would be grateful if you could continue to encourage your children to read and find information, posters, maps or artefacts that are relevant to our topics.

Some useful websites are:-   

General Information

BBC Bitesize KS2 - English, Maths and Science           

Stone Age

The Young Archaeologists' Club :     
BBC History - 'A Day in the life of a 10 year old in the stone age'
Kids Past -
Horrible History Stone Age Song -
Butser Iron Age Living Farm -


The Weather Wiz Kids :
                  Science for Kids :
       CBBC Newsround :
Geology for Kids -

North America

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