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Welcome to our Year 4 Page !

CLASS OF 2015-16

Sports Awards

Congratulations to our Sports Awards winners for 2015/16.

RNLI Swim Safe 

Year 4 visited Shore Road this week for an RNLI Swim Safe sessions.

They learned what they should look for before they even get into the water, in addition to what to do should they get into difficulty if they are in the water.  They learned how to call for help, how to 'huddle' to keep warm in the water in a group, and how to swim 'in a crocodile' to safety in a group.  They learned to look for and use the life guards to be well informed about water/tide conditions, and to swim within the designated areas marked by yellow and red flags on the beach.   Even the non-swimmers got a chance to go into the water with the Qualified ASA instructors and came out smiling.

They all received a t-shirt, badge and key ring at the end of their sessions, and hope they will be passing on all the information they learned.  

RNLI Swim Safe sessions are being held on the beach during the summer and are free to attend, but booking is essential.

Parley Poets at West Parley Queen's Party

The children stood on the stage at the Memorial Hall, read with a microphone and we can be very proud of their achievements!


Tag Rugby Festival

Parley submitted 2 teams for the Year 4 Tag Rugby Festival on Friday 22.4.16 which was held at QE School in Wimborne.  Despite the rain, our team players showed great determination and battled through the rain and played very well.  The ‘Blue Sock’ team got through to the final games in the afternoon, playing for the trophy, and although didn’t win, played very well. The ‘White Sock’ team also displayed some great skills, but were unlucky not to make their Trophy final games after lunch.  However, they did get to play some more games, keeping them active and warm.  Thank you to all side line supporters who braved the rain, encouraging our Parley teams.

The organisers have said,

“Just to say thank you all so much for attending the festival today and maintaining such a positive effort and attitude despite some weather challenges. The students were a credit to your school and we hoped they enjoyed it as much as they appeared too.”

Well done to you all!


Outdoor Curriculum - The Art of Stone Balancing

Sports Relief - Scooter Obstacle Course

All the children completed a fun obstacle course on a scooter!

Osmington Bay     14th - 16th March 2016

@PFS_OSM  All tweets will be shown here! 

Parley Year 4 @PFS_OSM

16 Mar 2016 @paulastampurr Daniel can have a look through tomorrow

16 Mar 2016 Home sweet home #OSM2016

16 Mar 2016 Big thanks to all staff that gave up their time and volunteered to come! #MissRoche #MrsBingham #MrsGuest #MrsWebb #MrsOdell 👍👍

16 Mar 2016 Bye bye Osmington #OSM2016 ETA 2pm

16 Mar 2016 Nearly time to leave 😀 😔 #OSM2016

16 Mar 2016 Final activities started. Chalets empty. This is the only lost property!😀 #nottoobad #OSM2016 #organised #progress

16 Mar 2016 Prepare to move. A few sleepy heads still. Operation get out of rooms... #OSM2016

15 Mar 2016 Onesie Evening! Ready for meal time. #fishfingersandchips then onto campfire for a good old sing song #OSM2016

Onesie Evening!
Onesie Evening!
Wake Up Time!
Wake Up Time!


Roman Week

Christmas Performance

Click HERE to view some highlights from our performance. 

Football Tournament at Ferndown Middle School

Years 3 and 4 have played in football matches and a mini tournament during the past few weeks. Our Year 4 team won the tournament held at the Middle School and demonstrated excellent teamwork and attitudes. Thank you to all the parents for your support.

Trip to Tutankhamun Exhibition

Egyptian Week

During Egyptian week, Year 4 learnt to follow an Egyptian recipe; design and make a shaduf; recreate the mummification process through drama; problem solve to create pyramids using a variety of resources and create artefacts out of clay.

Year 4 Science Day - Gases Workshop

Grace & Thomas in 4R and Landen, Charlie, Alexander and Mr.Perry in 4P were joint winners of the race to see who could create a tornado in a bottle, which would empty the water from the top bottle into the bottom bottle in the quickest time! They managed to do it in 30 seconds!

Keiran, the Science Boffin then mixed Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda in a film canister and the Carbon Dioxide gas that was created literally blew the lid off!


For their home learning, Year 4 have made poppies to commemorate Armistice Day.

We held a 2 minute silence at 11am on the 11.11.15 and we are very proud that a record number of our Brownies and Cubs took part in Remembrance parades on Sunday.

Farm to Fork Visit to Tesco

Year 4 visited the Tesco store in Ferndown to complete a ‘Farm to Fork’ trail. The children learnt about where food comes from and how it ends up in the store. We got a chance to taste some exotic fruits and a variety of cheeses.

Visit to Ferndown Middle School - Oct 2015

The Year 4 children had an excellent time at Ferndown Middle School this week. We were learning about Samba and all had a chance to play some amazing instruments.

British Values 

Candidates for the Year 4 School Council elections on the hustings!
2 members for each class were duly elected in a democratic vote.

Sept 2015 - Maths Investigation - Outdoor Curriculum

The Game of Nim

This is an ancient strategy game for 2 players. It can be played anywhere outside or inside. With your partner collect 20 stones, cones or other small objects to use as counters.                                                    

Taking turns, each player chooses to pick up 1, 2 or 3 counters.

The player who picks up the last counter loses the game!

There is a trick you can use to ensure that you do not lose. See if you can discover it! What happens if three people take turns to play instead of two? How can one apply the secret strategy?

                           Welcome to Year 4! 

We are excited to start a fresh new year with your children and support them in their final year at Parley First School.

Our topics are:

     Autumn term - ‘Ancient Egyptians’

     Spring term - ‘Romans’

     Summer term - ‘Water’

These will be linked with other subject in the National Curriculum to make the learning as cross-curricular as possible.  A timetable and curriculum map showing our overview of the year are available on this page.

During the week of 16th November 2015, we will be having our topic themed ‘Egyptian’ Week. If we receive sufficient funds, we hope to be taking the children on a trip to the ‘Tutankhamun Exhibition’ at the museum in Dorchester on Wednesday 18th November 2015. Further details will follow separately regarding the trip and prices, etc. Although the children will be dressing up for Egyptian week, they will not need to dress up on the day of the trip as we cannot guarantee good weather!

An ‘Osmington Information evening’ has been arranged for Monday 12th October at 5.30pm. This will give you more information on what the children will be doing, what they will need to bring and it will give you a chance to ask any questions about the trip.

Now that your children are in Year 4, we aim to give them more independence and we ask you to support this by encouraging them to carry their own belongings across the playground and say goodbye at the fence.

Many children have taken on monitor jobs and responsibilities around the school and these will be reviewed and rotated regularly so that the same children are not missing their own playtimes too much!

Spellings will be part of our daily SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) sessions. Please encourage your children to continue reading and practising their times tables as this will greatly support their learning in school.

Throughout the coming year, there will be plenty of opportunities for the children to meet and mix with the staff and children of Ferndown Middle School in preparation for their transition next September.

We value our partnership with you very much.  Should you have any queries or worries please feel free to speak with us at the end of the school day.

                                        Miss Roche                           Mr Perry