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CLASS OF 2016/17

Teddy Bears' Picnic

To celebrate all our learning in Reception we had a teddy bears’ picnic.  All the children brought in a favourite teddy.  The teddies all sat very quietly in the classrooms for the whole morning, but at lunchtime they disappeared!  We searched for them in the school and outside.  Eventually we found them in the woods at the back of our field.  They had set up a delicious picnic for everyone to share.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, even though the chocolate biscuits started to melt.  The Reception staff would like to thank all Reception children for their great learning this year, and all parents for their continued support.  Good luck in Year 1!

Stay and Share

Our Reception children loved showing members of their families around our unit and sharing their learning journals with them.  The adults were exploring the jungle, buying plants in the garden centre and reading stories in our book corner, using our interactive boards and exploring numicon. The Reception team would like to thank everyone for coming and for their continued support.


The Reception children were delighted to announce that 3 soft, fluffy ducklings that hatched from the eggs in their incubator.  There were lots of different names but Reception have called them Gary, Elsie and Rose. The children have been measuring the ducklings to see how much they have grown. The ducklings enjoyed a nice cool swim in the hot weather!  Now the ducklings have returned to Highmead Farm where they have more space and more duck friends.

Visit to Highmead Farm

Our Reception children had a great time at Highmead Farm, Longham.  There were so many animals for them to stroke, such as the pigs, Skyla a Shetland pony and lots of nanny goats.  We fed the chickens and were able to collect eggs from the chicken coop. We also saw lots of fruit and vegetable plants growing, such as tomatoes, cabbages, basil, sweetcorn and even kiwis!  Mrs. French and Miss Brumpton would like to thank all the adults that helped with this trip, both from school and from Highmead Farm. 

Caterpillars to Butterflies

From caterpillars to butterflies….. The reception children have been watching some caterpillars grow and grow before they finally transformed into chrysalides. After half term the butterflies hatched into beautiful ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies. We released them in the morning and we have been looking out for them ever since.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

Reception had a visit from a bee keeper. They learnt all about the process of pollination and why bees are so important. The children had a talk from the bee keeper and played a pollination game to help Winnie the Pooh fill his honey pot. They even got the chance to taste some delicious honey.

Easter Egg Hunt

We were very excited to go outside and enjoyed hunting for Easter Eggs on our school field.  We had to look high and low to find an egg with our name on it.  We would like to thank POPS for organising this for us.

Pyjama Drama

We had a visit from Gina from Pyjama Drama.  We pretended that we built a rocket and flew to the moon.  We could see the stars better from the moon as there was no light pollution.

Visit to the Aviation Museum



In Music, this week, we tried playing different rhythms on drums, just like we have heard in some African music.


Now that our Reception classes have learned nearly all of their letter sounds they have been practising these by playing the phonic games on Espresso. 

These can all be played at home, using the Espresso link from our website and the login that was given out at the start of term.

Link for Espresso Software

Stay and Share

Reception were delighted to welcome parents and grandparents into their classrooms this week, for a ‘Stay and Share’ session.  There were lots of adults being encouraged to experiencing learning inside and outside our classrooms, including our Superhero Rescue Centre and our Reading Shed!  We hope to plan another one of these sessions for the Spring term.

Pear Cake!

On Friday we picked some pears from the pear tree in our allotment.

We decided to bake a cake. The ingredients we used were sugar, butter, flour, eggs and pears. We enjoyed learning lots of new skills - mixing, stirring, sieving, whisking and peeling. The cake tasted delicious!

Stick Man

Today we collected sticks to make a giant stick man.  We used sticks, stones, conkers and grass to create our man.  Madison even found some earrings!  David and Tommy found a humungous stick that needed lots of friends to help carry it.

We also picked the pears from the pear tree.  We hope to make a pear cake with these next week.

Home Learning Samples

Here are some samples of what you could do with your Reception children to support them with their sounds that they are learning at school.  The children can draw or cut and stick pictures and photographs in and either practise writing the letter shape or write labels for their pictures.

                          L&S sample 1.pdf                       L&S sample 2.pdf                        L&S sample 3.pdf

                                                     L&S sample 4.pdf                       L&S sample 5.pdf

Our School Grounds

Our Reception children went for a walk around the school grounds this week.  They had to put on their welly boots to make sure their school shoes didn’t get muddy.  They spotted conkers growing on trees, an oak tree, blackberries, bug hotels and bird feeders.  Rowan even spotted a Rowan tree! 

How many pears can you see on our Parley pear tree?

Our First Week!

Our new Reception children have settled really well into school.  It has been a very busy week learning new routines and making new friends.  There was a thunderstorm on Tuesday, they had their first lunchtime on Wednesday and did their learning in the hall on Friday as their classrooms had soggy carpets from the heavy rain through Thursday night.  The Reception staff team are very proud of all their new children and look forward to more great learning next week.

Please keep coming back to this page as photos of the children and their learning will be posted from time to time!

Welcome to Reception!

In Reception we are very excited to be starting our learning journey at Parley First School.  Our classes are called RB and RF.  Our learning this term is ‘All About Me!’ and we will be learning about ourselves and people who help us.  We will be reading, writing, counting, painting, singing, playing, making lots of new friends and many other exciting things.  

We look forward to sharing our photos on this page so that you can see what we have been doing.

Mrs French                            Miss Brumpton