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Welcome to our Year 3 Page!

CLASS OF 2016/17

Home Learning

During our topic lessons this half term, we have been learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. For our homework, we researched one of the ages and shared what we have found out with the rest of the class.

Survival Day...........we survived!

As part of our learning about the Stone Age, we have been learning how to survive! We took part in lots of different activities around the school grounds. 

Den Building

We discussed the features of a good den and how it could help us in a survival situation. We built our own dens to provide shelter from the elements.


We make our own damper bread and cooked it over the BBQ. For pudding, we had smores!

Click HERE for the recipe.

Archaeological Dig

We found lots of different artefacts at the bottom of the school field and documented them. We really enjoyed digging to find different objects and getting really muddy!

Cave Painting

After looking at lots of different examples of Stone Age cave paintings we turned our tables into caves and created works of art.

Poetry Reading

As part of our English lessons, we have been reading and performing different types of poetry. We thought really carefully about using expression and making sure our voices are loud and clear for the audience.


Thanks for Watching!


Space week fancy dress!

During space week, we dressed up in all sorts of different space related outfits!

Rocket builders

We planned our own rockets and build them to ensure they were aerodynamic. Then we had a go at flying them to see which one would travel the furthest and highest.


Image result for space rocket clipartRocket scientist

We had a visit from a real life rocket scientist. Adrian Ladd (who used to go to Parley) designs parts for rockets that travel into space. The children in year three heard about the different parts of a rocket and asked lots of amazing questions all about space.

SPACE WEEKImage result for planets clipart

Outdoor Curriculum

Having learnt about the different planets, we went outside to make them and try to remember the order.


Space Food

We have been learning all about what life is like on the International Space Station for astronauts. We tried eating some space food. It was chocolate chip and Neapolitan flavour ice cream and it was yummy!


Measuring for a space suit

We received an important message to inform us that we needed to send measurements to have our space suits made. We worked with a partner, using our measuring skills, to measure different parts of our bodies.

Shadow investigation

As part of our learning about space, we investigated how the length and position of our shadow changes throughout the day.

Winchester Science Trip

As part of our learning about space we visited Winchester Science Centre. We really enjoyed looking at and playing with the different experiments, took part in a mission space workshop and watched a show in the planetarium all about being an astronaut. We really enjoyed it!

Enjoying our well-earned golden time

Making chocolate

As our outcome for this topic we have designed and made our own chocolate bars. We choose the different ingredients that we wanted to use and gave them a name.

World Book Week in Year 3

As part of book week, we have been taking part in lots of different activities. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and worked with an actor to create a class story. We have been writing our own book quizzes and making bookmarks. The school council organised a book swap where we all had an opportunity to choose a new book that we could read. We also used a potato to create our favourite book characters.

How good is your book knowledge? Why don't you try the World Book Day Quiz.

KS1 Quiz                                 KS2 Quiz



Farm to Fork 3B Related image

As part of our work on chocolate we went to Tesco to learn all about Fair trade and sustainability. We looked around the store and found Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance products. We also learnt about the importance of sustainability and used over ripe bananas to make a banana mash up.


Related imageFarm to Fork 3D

As part of our work on chocolate we went to Tesco to learn all about Fair trade and sustainability. We looked around the store and found Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance products. We also learnt about the importance of sustainability and used over ripe bananas to make a banana mash up.


Chocolate Tasting

As our hook for our chocolate topic we tasted and described different types of chocolate. We had a mystery ingredient challenge when we had to work out what had been mixed with chocolate and discussed what we would like to include in our own chocolate bars that we are going to design and make. As an investigation, we ate chocolate while listening to music and found out that it can actually change how the chocolate tastes.

Non-chronological reports

We were set a challenge by a scientist at the Natural History Museum to write non-chronological reports about turtles. These are our prize winners!


Safer Internet Day

As part of our work on Safer Internet Day, we looked at photographs and were detectives to find the clues that the pictures give away. We discussed the importance of making sure that any photographs that might go online don’t give away any of our personal information including our name, age, address or which school we go to. Then we created our own ‘All about me’ page, making sure we didn’t give any of this information away.

Caribbean day

To finish our work on turtles we took part in a Caribbean day. Throughout the day we made fruit punch from different Caribbean fruits. The Community Champion from Tesco in Ferndown provided the fruit for the children to taste.

We also tried playing the steel pans. Ryan from year four came to do a demonstration to show us how to play them and the different notes. We had a try at playing ‘In the Sun’ with some help from Mrs Sinclair. We made turtle posters to explain how to look after turtles and protect them.

In the afternoon we created some turtle inspired art and made the turtles that we had written about in our non-chronological reports. We had a really fun day!

Non-chronological reportsImage result for turtle clipart png

As part of our work on turtles, we have been learning to write non-chronological reports. A scientist from the Natural History Museum in London set us the challenge or creating our own species of turtle and writing a report all about it. We even went snorkelling to find it! Luckily we didn’t get too wet! Once we have learnt lots of facts about real sea turtles, we are going to write a report about them as well.

Science Investigation

We have been carrying out an investigation into different materials to make a turtle shell. The class decided that the most important property was that it should be waterproof so we carried out an investigation to find the material that was the most suitable.


We have been using Lightbot to develop our understanding of computing. We were able to debug and change our instructions in order for Lightbot to follow a set route. We also tried to decompose our algorithm so that we used the smallest number of moves possible. We found it difficult to start with but were much better after some practise.

You can practice at home for free!

Waterwise Talks

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Tricia who works for Bournemouth Water.

She explained to us all of the processes that water goes through to come through our taps and we discussed the importance of saving water.

Year 3 Visitor

Year Three had a visit from Ray Chapman who is a geologist. He explained how the different types of rock are formed and how we can recognise them. We also looked at lots of examples of rocks and had to identify them. We learnt a lot of information. He is in charge of Geology at the Bournemouth Natural Science Society and they regularly have open days. You can keep up to date on their website


As our outcome for our volcano topic we made our own and then caused an eruption. Look at what happened!

Learning to play other instruments

For our final violin lesson we had the opportunity to try and play some different instruments. We had a turn on a cello, cornet, guitar and a flute. We found some of the instruments easy to create a note but some of them were really difficult.

Year 3 Violin Concert

Over the past nine weeks Year Three have been learning how to play the violin. We started by learning how to hold the violin and the bow and then learnt the names of four of the notes. Then we were able to start playing some different tunes. To celebrate how hard we have worked, we performed a concert to our parents. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Adventure Stories

We have been learning all about adventure stories and have learnt an example called ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove’. We used actions and a story map to help us. We also used drama to help us imagine how the characters would be feeling at different points of the story. During our lessons, we are then going to write our own adventure stories.

Thankyou to everyone who came to our Gallery !

Pop Art

As part of our art topic we have been learning about the work of Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley and Roy Lichtenstein. They are all pop artists and we have used their style and influence to create our own canvases.

Can you see the bright colours?

Do they make your eyes go funny?



Click on your class gallery to view the persuasion videos.     


We have been learning about how to persuade this week and have been learning a leaflet to think about the features. We are going to look at leaflets and watch some adverts and use what we have learnt to create our own advert to persuade our parents to attend the Year Three Art Gallery on Friday afternoon.

Here are the children from 3D persuading you to visit Paulton's Park!

3D Poetry Videos

After we learnt a poem together we wrote our own poems about animals. We then performed them to the rest of the class and filmed them for you to see. Click to see our videos..... Image result for simple video icon 

3D Painting and Exploring Colour

As part of our art topic we have been mixed colours using a colour wheel and creating lighter and darker shades by adding white and black.

Fantastic Facts

We have been learning about poetry in our English lessons as have been telling the poem ‘Fantastic Facts’ so that we can say it off by heart. We have been using a map with pictures and actions to help us to remember. Can you use the photograph of the map to retell the poem at home to your family?

September 2016- Team Building Task

We worked as teams to see who could make the tallest tower from yoghurt pots, sellotape and paper. It helped us to think about what makes a successful team and what we need to remember when we are working as a class.

Welcome to Year 3!

We are excited about our time in year three and have planned lots of really interesting topics which will take half a term. Our topics for this year are:

Autumn term- ‘Pop Or Op’ focusing on Pop Art and developing our artistic skills to create our own canvas which we will display in an art gallery. This will take place in the school hall on Friday 21st October at 2:30pm. Parents are invited to come and take a look at the amazing art work that will be on display. Then in the second half of the autumn term, we will be completing ‘Terrible Tremors’ when we will be learning all about rocks and volcanoes.

Spring term- ‘Turtle Power’ when we will be researching the Caribbean and conservation efforts for turtles and ‘Scrumdidilumptious’ when we will be exploring chocolate, food tasting, making our own chocolate bars and packaging them. As part of this topic we will also be visiting Tesco to learn about Fair Trade and Sustainability.

Summer term- ‘We’re Spinning Around’ is all about space and ‘The Age of Man’ we will be learning about the different prehistoric times of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.

These will be linked with others subjects in the National Curriculum to make the learning as cross-curricular as possible. A timetable for each week (although it may change slightly on a weekly basis) and curriculum map, showing the objectives that we will be covering, are also available on the school website.

To support our learning, we will be going on a visit to the Winchester Science Centre to visit their planetarium and take part in a space workshop. This will take place on Wednesday 3rd May 2017. Further information about this trip will be provided nearer to the time.

We are continuing to develop your child’s independence and ask for you to help us by encouraging them to carry their own belongings across the playground, ensure they have everything they need at the end of the day and say goodbye at the fence.

It is very important that your child has their diary and reading books in school every day. We have a new system in year 3 where each child will have a drawer under their table. This will be used to keep their diaries, reading books and pens, pencils etc (provided by us). Book bags will no longer be kept in drawers, so these will need to be stored on pegs or inside a rucksack if one is absolutely necessary. Items such as hats and gloves etc. must be kept on pegs and not in the drawers and areas for lunch boxes, snacks and drinks will be provided in the classroom. Please ensure everything is clearly labelled with name and class.

Spellings will be part of our daily SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) sessions. Please encourage your child to continue reading and practising their times tables as this will support their learning in school.

Your child will also receive weekly homework which will be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. The tasks set will vary from reading, writing, maths, science and topic related activities. We will ensure there is a mixture of different topics and tasks sent home.

We really value our partnership with you as parents and carers. Should you have any queries or worries, please feel free to speak to us at the end of the school day. We are really looking forward to a fantastic year!

Mrs Dunn            Mr Brown

Website Links

As always we would be grateful if you could continue to encourage your children to read and find information, posters, maps or artefacts that are relevant to our topics.

Some useful websites are:-   

General Information

BBC Bitesize KS2 - English, Maths and Science           

Stone Age

The Young Archaeologists' Club :     
BBC History - 'A Day in the life of a 10 year old in the stone age'
Kids Past -
Horrible History Stone Age Song -
Butser Iron Age Living Farm -


The Weather Wiz Kids :
                  Science for Kids :
       CBBC Newsround :
Geology for Kids -

North America

Ducksters -
Amazing Facts - 


Bournemouth Natural Science Society
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Bournemouth Dorset