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Color Pencils Clip ArtWelcome to our Reception Page !Color Pencils Clip Art

Class of 2018/19

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

To celebrate the end of our year in Reception we brought our teddies in for a picnic.  We were worried after lunch as the teddies had all disappeared.  We had to look carefully for them, looking in, behind, over and under things.  Eventually we found them under the trees on the field, where we had a picnic together.  Rafferty said, “This is the best school day ever”.  We would like to say a big thank you to POPS, our parents’ group who paid for our picnic food as our prize for winning the Easter Eggstravaganza, when we made the most profit for selling our Easter biscuits. 

Our visit to Highmead Farm

We all had a great time at Highmead Farm.  The weather was very hot and sunny.  We enjoyed seeing all the animals and helping to pick some fruits and vegetables.  5 of us were extra excited because we had our birthdays on our trip days!  RF think that they spotted our ducklings, and couldn’t believe how much they had grown since they left us.

Eco Week

We had a great time during Eco Week, learning all about how rubbish, especially plastic, can cause such harm to many animals.  We made waves of plastic outside, individual jellyfish and other objects from plastic bottles and worked together to use lots of milk bottle tops to create our Rainbow Fish.

We will be trying extra hard over the summer holidays to put all our rubbish carefully into bins.

Dinosaur Hunt

We went on a dinosaur hunt when we spotted some footprints in our outside area.  We found a nest with 6 eggs in.  We weren’t sure what would hatch out, so we made some guesses. We used a special hatching potion to make them hatch and, when we did, we found that they were not real because dinosaurs lived many, many years ago and now they are extinct.

Totty the Bee Lady

We had a visit from Totty the Bee Lady and Winnie the Pooh.  They taught us all about how important bees are and all the food and drink that we wouldn’t have if there were no bees.  We played a pollen collecting game to fill the honey pot, tasted some honey and tried on some bee keeper outfits.  We even learned how to say the word ‘pollination’!

Paper Planes and Helicopters

We have been exploring how to make paper planes and helicopters.  We had to choose the paper we thought would be best for making a paper aeroplane, and we then tested them.  Some of us thought that the lightest paper would be best, but actually the sugar paper or thin card planes went furthest.  We made spinning helicopters out of paper.  Maybe you could try using the template here to make a helicopter out of a heavier paper or card.  Does it spin more or less if it is heavier?  Which lands first, a heavier or a lighter helicopter?

Click here for the template

Our Ducklings

We are really pleased that 4 ducklings hatched from our eggs.  We have given them the names Derek, Ella, Waffle and Jingles.  We have been measuring them, teaching them how to swim and cleaning out their cage.  It is lots of work and lots of fun looking after animals.

 Deconstructed Role Play

We have loved playing in our deconstructed role plays this half term. We have had lots of fun with cardboard boxes, material, tubes and lids. We have created all sorts of things and been very imaginative – cars, houses, vets, bridges, treasure boxes, telescopes, islands, trains, water pipes and pizza delivery drivers!!!

Visit to the Aviation Museum

We had lots of fun at the Bournemouth Aviation Museum. We were able to get inside lots of different types of transport (bus, fire engine), as well as lots of different aircraft. We dressed up, sat in the pilot’s seat and pushed all the buttons. It was great fun!!!

World Book Day 

We have enjoyed a week of activities to celebrate World Book day. We have visited the school library, made book marks, had a story read to us by another teacher, had a story read to us by a child in another Year group and have dressed up too!

Handa’s Surprise

We tasted the fruits from the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  Some of us were really brave trying new fruits. 

We liked some, but didn’t like others.  We voted for our favourite fruit.  Which fruit do you like best?

Traffic Survey

We stood by the gate to count the vehicles that went past our school.  We made marks on our whiteboards to help us to remember what we had seen.  RW went out before play and saw cars, 3 vans and a bike.  RF went out after play and saw lots of cars and 4 vans.  No-one saw a bus go past!  We thought that some cars were going very fast.

Chinese New Year

Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the pig. It has been great fun making dragons (on our own and with our friends), trying to write Chinese letters and building our own great walls. We looked at some Chinese clothes and even tried some Chinese food.

Talk for writing

We have learned to tell a story, using pictures and actions to help us remember what happens next.

Snow Day

We have enjoyed our snow day at school. We played with our friends on the field – throwing snowballs and making snowmen. We sang songs about penguins, snowmen and snowflakes. We even made our own snowflakes and watched them floating down, just like the song!


In Reception we have been learning about Space.  We have learnt planet names and what the different planets are made of.  We have also designed our own aliens, made meteors and thought of the things we would like to take in a rocket if we could go to Space.

We listened to ‘The Planet Suite’, music composed by Holst, a British composer.  When he wrote this music he didn’t compose a piece for Earth, so we thought about what was special about our planet and added some sounds to represent the different parts.  We even had a go at being the conductor!

Christmas Party Time!

We had a great time at our Reception Christmas party.  We played lots of games, including Musical Statues (when Mr Bagwell tried to make us laugh and move), Pass the Parcel and Catch the Plate (where we had to do forfeits to get our shoes back).  We all laughed really loudly when Mr Bagwell pretended to be a balloon that was going down.  All our teachers were so pleased with how well we behaved and that we didn’t get upset if we didn’t win a game.

Reindeer Food!

We have made Reindeer food to take home for Christmas Eve. We are going to sprinkle it on our gardens and it will sparkle so that the reindeers can find us. We followed a recipe and added oats, magic glitter and meal worms to a bowl then gave it a good stir. We didn’t like the look of the meal worms but know the reindeers will love them!!!


We talked about Remembrance Sunday and why we wear poppies. We used buttons, cubes and lolly sticks to create our own flowers. We also worked together to make giant poppy sun catchers. We had to stick lots of mosaic squares in red, green and black to create the shapes.  We created poppies using plastic bottles and pebbles, and used these to decorate our school gate.

Light and Dark

We have been thinking about light and dark. We predicted whether we would see light through different materials. We then used torches to investigate. Then we sorted the materials at the end. Some let the light through and some didn’t. Also, we talked about how shadows are made. We had to match the objects with the shadow they would make.


We have used objects to add the total of two groups. We recorded it in different ways. Some of us learnt how to write a number sentence using the symbols. Some of us recorded the numbers.

Stay and Share

We had a great time showing our learning to our families during our ‘Stay and Share’ session.  We showed them how we dress up, use the learn pads, make our fingers stronger with Finger Fun, write our numbers, build up words and read stories.  We even had younger brothers and sisters who liked to join in too!

Police Visit

This week the police have come to visit us, as part of our learning on ‘People who help us’. The Community police spoke to us about keeping safe, especially at night and they also showed us their uniform. We also looked at a police car and some of the equipment inside.


This week we have really enjoyed making our own Supertato’s after reading some of the stories. We have designed and made our own outfits and given them super powers.

Leaf Detectives

 On our Welly walk, we were leaf detectives. We worked with a partner studying the leaves, identifying them and marking them off on our checklist. We worked well together sharing the equipment.

Different Sizes

This week we have been thinking about different sizes.  We found some objects outside and put them in size order. We learned that a bigger stick if not necessarily the same as a longer stick.

Reception Learning Evening

Many thanks to all the parents who came to our Reception Learning Evening.  We explained what the children may talk about at home, such as Numicon and the COOL Board, as well as giving ideas of how families can support their children at home.  Handouts have been sent home and the powerpoint from the evening is here!

Learning Evening Powerpoint

Parley Pear Cakes

This week we have made Pear cake with the pears from the orchard. We looked at the ingredients and followed the instructions. We all had a turn at mixing the ingredients together and then tasted the cake at storytime. The children said that “it was the best cake ever!”

Pear Cake Recipe

Ingredients :    3 pears,  200g self raising flour,  4 eggs,  200g butter,  200g sugar

1. Peel the pears      2. Slice the pears thinly    3. Mix the butter and sugar in a bow    4. Add the eggs     5. Mix in the flour   6. Put into a tray with greaseproof paper    7. Cook it

Our First Week at School

We have all enjoyed our first full week at school, although we are all now very tired.  We have been learning new letter sounds in our Read, Write Inc groups, been practising counting and recognising numbers, making new friends and learning all our school routines.  We even went on a windy walk in our wellies.  We are looking forward to more new learning in the next few weeks.

Home Learning Samples

Here are some samples of what you can do to support your child with the sounds that they are learning at school. The children can draw or cut and stick pictures and photographs into their books. They can also practise writing the letter shape and write labels for their pictures.


Welcome to Reception!

In Reception we are very excited to be starting our learning journey at Parley First School.  Our classes are called RW and RF.  Our learning this term is ‘All About Me!’ and we will be learning about ourselves and people who help us.  We will be reading, writing, counting, painting, singing, playing, making lots of new friends and many other exciting things.  

We look forward to sharing our photos on this page so that you can see what we have been doing.

Mrs French                            Mrs Wyatt-Jones