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Welcome to our Year 2 Page ! 

You will find all letters, important dates, topic information and photos for Year 2 classes here.

    Please keep coming back to this page as photos of the children and their learning will be posted from time to time! 

Making Fire

We remembered what we had learnt from the Fire Brigade about what fire needs to think about how we could make our own fire. We thought about different materials that would and would not burn. We worked with a partner to create a frame for the fire that we thought would burn the best.

Fire Brigade Visit

We had a visit from Ferndown Fire Brigade to show us the fire engine and talk to us about how to stay safe from fire. We looked at the different equipment that the fire engine has and even let us sit on the seats! During our visit we also learnt about how to stay safe at home. We learnt that we need to get out, stay out and call 999 if there is ever a fire. We also talked about making our own safety route at home and thinking about where our meeting point at our homes would be.

Christmas Decorations

We collected different plants and leaves from the school grounds. Then we used a jam jar to put them in for our homes at Christmas.

Chocolate  Stirrers

We made chocolate stirrers for our families to have over Christmas. We talked about how the chocolate would melt and change when it was heated up.

Castle Printing

We designed our own polystyrene castle prints and then used ink to create our own print.


Owl visit

We had a visit from Liberty’s Owl and Raptor Centre and they brought some owls to meet us. We learnt lots of amazing facts and even had chance to stroke the owls at the end. It was amazing.

Performing Poetry

As part of our work on poetry we read lots of different types of poem. We then had a go at performing them thinking about our expression and the volume of our voices.

AARR  Pirate Day

We had lots of fun on Pirate Day. We made our own treasure chests and pet parrots. We sang pirate songs and spoke a lot of pirate! We really enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be real pirates. We learnt how to speak like a pirate and followed different pirate commands.

We also shared a few pirate jokes. Some of our favourites are:

What’s a pirate’s favourite food?
A bbaarrrrr-b-q

What’s a pirate’s favourite letter?

Why can a pirate never learn the alphabet?
Because he always gets stuck at c!


As part of our work on materials we spent some time looking around the classroom to find out the different materials that objects are made from. We then looked at some objects that are made from more than one material and talked about why we thought that was.

Harry Paye

We have been learning some facts about Harry Paye who was a local pirate in Poole. We sorted them into true and false. Then we used an atlas to find Poole and enjoyed looking for lots of other places too!

Alfred Wallis Paintings

As part of our work on pirates, we have been learning about an artist called Alfred Wallis. Mrs Brooks told us all about him. Then we painted in the style of him.

Treasure Maps

As part of our topic and outdoor learning we discussed how pirates know how to fund treasure using maps. We looked at different treasure maps to decide what they needed to include. We also talked about compass directions and how important it is to have an X to mark the spot! Then we went into the school grounds to make our own treasure maps to show each other where the treasure had been hidden. 

Sharing stories and puppets with Year One

We received a message from year one asking us to write some pirate stories. We decided that we would also make some puppets to help us to tell our stories. We took our puppets and our books, read our stories, played with our puppets and even read year one some instructions for how to make a puppet of their own.

Making Puppets

Mrs Hawker asked us if we could make some pirate puppets for the year one children and write them a story. We have designed, made and evaluated the puppets that we have made. We also wrote some instructions for how to make them. Now we are going to write our pirate stories to take to year one.

Making Boats

We decided that we would try and make our own boats. When we were thinking about boats we said that one of the most important features is that they float. Luckily all of the boats that we made floated in the water.

Materials Investigation

Pirate Marcus asked us to investigate different materials that he could us to build a ship. We decided that these materials would have to be waterproof and used pipettes to test them.


Year One have asked us if we can make some pirate puppets and tell them a story. We decided that we would have a look at lots of different puppets to create a checklist for what makes a perfect puppet.


Pirate Marcus 

We found a treasure chest in our year 2 boat and when we looked inside there were all sorts of treasures! There was even a message in a bottle asking us to write a letter back.

Pirate Faces 

Our first topic is all about pirates so we decided to make ourselves into pirates using paint, paper, felt and glue.  


Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome back to the new academic year. We are looking forward to working with you and your children in Year 2. Please remember the school day starts at 8:30am when children have learning tasks to complete and may be involved in a range of intervention groups. We encourage the pupils to be as independent at school as possible, especially when organising their own belongings. Please help us and them to achieve this goal by ensuring everything you send to school is clearly named.

Just a few reminders of the things your child needs to have in school every day:-

- Book bag, with both reading and library books and the blue reading record book inside.

- A clearly named healthy snack of fruit or vegetables, with a drink of water in a named bottle. Please keep fruit juice and squash for lunch boxes only.

- A full P.E. kit for both indoor and outdoor activities, to include trainers and socks. Please make sure everything is named.

- Wellington boots for outdoor learning.

- Wet weather packs for use in school during wet playtimes – please ensure it can all fit in a plastic A4 zip lock wallet (due to storage space)

- Fruit will be provided by the school in the afternoon; this may be eaten at the end of the day or sometimes may be sent home.


Children are encouraged to change their reading books as often as they need to and are given the opportunity during early bird sessions when they can choose their own books to take home. They are also welcome to choose a book from the library which offers a wide range of texts. It is important for children to read regularly both to continue to build on their sight vocabulary whilst also fostering a love for reading. When helping your child to read, it is vital that you spend time discussing the book, asking a range of questions in order to deepen their understanding. For example:

- How is the character feeling? How do you know? What clues are there in the text?

- What might happen next? Why do you think that?

We are sending home a list of the common exception words which the children need to be able to read, on sight, by the end of year two. Please also work on these with your child at home.


This year we will practice spellings with an emphasis on the common exception words and words regularly used in writing (see list on website). We are sending home a list of the common exception words which the children need to be able to spell by the end of year two. Please work on these with your child at home.

Home Learning

In Year 2 home learning is given over a half term. We provide a list of activities under the headings ‘Literacy’, ‘Maths,’ ‘Creative’ & ‘Outdoors’ from which the children are asked to choose one activity from each section, you can do more if you wish. These can be completed in a variety of ways, including practically with photos sent in to show the learning. A home learning book will be sent home for you to use but parents are welcome to be more creative if you wish. Children are asked to bring in their home learning to share during our year group presentation afternoon. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Learning Zone’ section of our website for lots of useful websites and fun games to enhance learning.


Our first topic for this term is ‘Pirates’ which will see us explore a range of writing styles whilst learning about our world including naming oceans and continents, comparing countries and creating simple maps. As part of our learning we are planning a Pirate Activity Day where we would like children to dress up as a pirate, which will be taking place on Thursday 18th October. We will also develop our mathematical strategies including number bonds to 10, using place value and the formal and informal methods for addition and subtraction. After half term we will be learning about ‘Castles’ and writing our instructions for trapping a dragon. We are also going to have an art and design technology focus. More details about our curriculum please see the link at the top of this page. We will try to update the page throughout the year so look out for photos, key dates and activities.

We value our partnership with you very much. If you have any queries or worries, please do come and see us at the end of the day.

Thank you for your continued support,

Yours sincerely

Mrs Dunn                                Miss Brumpton