We are proud to be a Music Mark School for 2022-2023

Learning an instrument at Parley First School

At Parley First School, children are given the opportunity to learn to play a variety of instruments.

Music plays a very important part of the learning process at Parley and we are extremely proud of the extra-curricular provision that we are able to provide for our children. The children derive much enjoyment from this opportunity whilst developing musical skills on an instrument.

It can also help to develop children’s reading and mathematical skills and feeds into their creativity, confidence, positive growth mind-set and metacognitive skills.  They are able to demonstrate their learning in our assemblies and concerts.

When children leave our school and transfer to local Middle Schools, they are able to continue with their lessons and may be ready to join School Orchestras.

Dorset Music For All

All Year 3 pupils learn how to play Samba/Violin/Turntabling and are given lessons from the Dorset Music Service.

We use a variety of percussion instruments having our own selection of Samba instruments at Parley but we are able to borrow larger Surdo drums or Violins from the Dorset Music Service for a term.

Year 3 give a performance in front of parents and the whole school at the end of the tuition.

Summer Concert

All children, who learn to play an instrument play in assemblies in school.

For Years 1 to 4, instumental lessons are available in Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele, Violin, Guitar, Cello or Double Bass. For more information, please contact  Mrs Debbie Gomer –  gomerzd.sch@gmail.com

For new Piano/Keyboard students in year 1, 2 and 3, please contact Mrs Kate Hawkerhawkerk1@gmail.com or 07798794947

Parley First School Choir

The Choir is made up of pupils from several year groups. We sing at special events throughout the year. In previous years this has included supporting the John Thornton Trust by singing carols outside Sainsbury’s and the local coffee shop. The Choir also sang at a Wedding in 2022!

On many occasions, we have also been invited to sing at the King George Fete on the Field in Ferndown, and the local Middle School’s Summer Fete.

In June 2023, the choir visited Ferndown Plus Day Centre.

They said: “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children singing and joining in with well known songs. The children seemed to invigorate our wonderful ladies and gentlemen and to see the different generations interacting together was a joy to see. I hope the children enjoyed the experience; they are a credit to Parley First School.”

We have sung on a number of occasions for the West Parley Memorial Service, most recently in November 2022.

The Choir are often invited to sing on Mothering Sunday at St Mark’s Church, West Parley.

After the 2023 performance, Paul Farwell (Radio Presenter at Wimborne Radio) said:

‘I worship at St Mark’s and was lucky enough to watch the schools’ choir sing at our church on Sunday during our Mother’s Day service. I’m a member of the choir at St Mark’s and sing in other settings at different times!
The children were fantastic, such beautiful singing and they were such wonderful ambassadors for your school! I’d also like to thank their teachers for the quality of their musicianship, their conducting and accompanying on the piano. You must be very proud of them all!’

After the 2022 performance, Rev Charles Booth said:

‘Thank you very much for the school’s involvement in the Mothering Sunday service. I was delighted with the occasion and thought it was a real credit to the school. The children sang beautifully and a number of people commented on how attentive they were throughout the service.’