At Parley we believe that learning should be a positive experience for all with a fine balance of challenge and enjoyment.
The learning should take place in a variety of forms through active engagement and positive modelling by everyone in our school community.
By using this open and flexible approach we feel that the needs of all children can be met fully in a stimulating and safe environment.

Mission Statement & School Aims


Parley First School first opened its doors in 1967 and had 4 classrooms. Since then the original building has been refurbished and extended to cater for the present 315 pupils. We are very fortunate that the school is set in extensive grounds. These contain playgrounds, gardens, the sports field, a pond and woodland, all of which are put to excellent use in a programme of outdoor learning activities.

Do you know why we have a pear tree as our emblem?

The village of Parley is really old and the name comes from the Anglo Saxon word Perleigh, which means pear tree field!

Pastoral Care

The school ethos promotes an environment where staff are sensitive and sympathetic to children’s individual needs and our children know that they can talk to staff in confidence about personal matters.

The children are encouraged to have a kind, caring attitude towards each other in school and, in the wider context towards other members of our community.

We encourage self-discipline, co-operation and respect for others and their property.

UNICEF Rights Respecting School

Our school gained this award in April 2010 in recognition of our work developing the idea of Rights and Responsibilities with the children. Using the UNICEF Children’s Charter as a base, the children learn about children’s rights and the responsibilities that go with them.

They wrote their own class charter for Parley School.

School Charter

At our school, everyone has these rights and responsibilities:
We have the right to Learn New Things
We have the responsibility to try our best. Let others learn in peace, listen carefully and help each other.
We have the right to Keep Safe
We have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other, look after our environment and move sensibly around school.
We have the right to Keep Healthy
We have the responsibility to have plenty of exercise, eat healthy food and drink enough water.
We have the right to Be Happy
We have the responsibility to be kind to everyone, smile at others and think of other people as well as ourselves.