From time to time it may be necessary to close our school due to severe weather conditions (e.g. flooding) or a localised problem (e.g. breakdown of heating system).  Such decisions are never made lightly and are always made in consultation with the Governing Body and the Local Education Authority and in accordance with statutory guidelines.  When deciding whether or not to close the school, the welfare of children and staff will always be the paramount consideration.

Dorset County Council now has a central system for co-ordinating school closures and notifying the media.  This should make it easier for local media to maintain an accurate list of school closures which will also be displayed on the Dorset For You website.  If it is possible, i.e. staff able to get to school to access the system, then a text alert will be sent as soon as possible informing you of any school closure.

Information can also be found by:-

Please make use of these sources of information and do not telephone school unless it is an emergency. This can prevent essential outgoing calls being made.

In the unlikely event that a decision is made to close the school during the school day, a text message alert will be sent to you.