Welcome to our Year 1 Page!

You will find all important information and photos for Year 1 classes here.

Please keep coming back to this page as photos of the children and their learning will be posted from time to time! 

PE Lessons

Our PE Days in Year 1 are Monday and Wednesday. Please come in to school in your PE kit on these days

Welcome to Year 1!

We hope your children are excited to be in Year 1 and will quickly settle into school life!

Our topic for the first half of term is ‘Mr Wolf’s Week’. Within this topic we will be studying weather patterns and changes connected to the seasons. We will be investigating how to measure using rain gauges and designing our own kites. Literacy and Maths will be taught wherever possible in a cross curricular approach.

After half term the topic will be ‘Healthy Me’. Further details of our curriculum can be found on the curriculum map and timetable on the year 1 website page.

Below are some reminders so that you can help us in the organisation of the school day:

Please ensure your child come to school in their PE kits on our PE days – Monday and Wednesday each week. We take part in PE lessons outside throughout the year and the weather can be quite cold so please could you ensure that your child has a warm outside PE kit (jumper, trousers, socks and trainers suitable for hard surfaces). For those children who take part of any after school clubs, please could you ensure that they have appropriate kit (separate to their PE kit) and a plastic bag to store any muddy boots.

Your child has a learning log in their book bags to record their reading achievements. One of the main focuses in year 1 is for them to learn phonemes (sounds). There is a copy of these sounds in the middle of the learning log to enable you to support your child in learning them. Due to the National Year 1 phonics screening test in June, our weekly home learning is to hear your child read on a regular basis.

In order to encourage your child to become more independent in their learning, we offer a range of home learning activities that are relevant to the topics we are covering. This will be in the style of a menu and your child can decide how much home learning they wish to cover. At the beginning of each term we will publish the activities on the website, with a date for the children to complete it by. These activities do not need to be completed every week, and not everything needs to be brought in to school. We hold celebration mornings where the children can look at each other’s home learning and see how different people have presented their learning. If your child does something they are really proud of at home please feel free to let them bring it in to show the class.

Your child will also need the following items in school every day:

  • Book bag, reading book/s and reading log.
  • Fruit or vegetable snack for morning break.
  • Labelled bottle of water only to drink throughout the day. We allow the children to get a drink whenever they need to, and although juice or squash is permitted in lunch boxes, it is not advisable for the children to have sticky, sugary drinks in the classroom as they can attract ants, spoil classroom resources and stain the carpet if spilled.

A website that we recommend (free on a desktop) is ‘Teach a Monster how to read’ where your child can learn Year 1 letters and sounds in a fun game-type setting.

For health and safety reasons, we ask that long hair is tied back whilst at school to avoid the spread of headlice. Please check your child’s head regularly. Young children often play in close proximity, and this can lead to an outbreak across the school.

If your child has pierced ears they should only wear studs. No other jewellery should be worn in school (including loom band bracelets).

Children are encouraged to ride their scooter or bike to school, however we ask that you ensure they do not ride across the playground before or after school in order to avoid accidents with pedestrians.

We value your partnership with you very much. If you have any queries please do come and see us at the end of the day.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Hawker and Miss Challands